Slip Rental Information - Rates & Discounts

Early Payment Discount – 3 % Early Pay Discount for slip holders who make full payment of their 2018 slip fees no later than December 1, 2017

Longevity Discount – 7 % Longevity Discount for slip holders whose 2018 rental season represents their fifth or more consecutive full rental season.

Multi-Slip Discount – Permanent slip holders leasing more than one slip will receive a 40% discount on any subsequent slip rentals beyond the original slip.  Other discounts cannot be combined with the Multi-Slip Discount.  The Multi-Slip Discount will be applied to the smaller or less expensive slip. Slip holders must be the registered owner and principal user to receive discount.  Proof of ownership will be required for all vessels eligible for the Multi-Slip Discount.

Promotional Discounts:

15 and 15 Referral Program – Current slip holders refer a new seasonal slip holder for the 2018 season and both the new slip holder and the referring current slip holder will receive a 15% discount.  No limit to the number of referrals.

New Boater Group Discount – New boaters who lease slips as a group will receive 3 X % discount associated with the number of boats, 5 boats = 15% discount each, 7 boats = 21% discount each, 10 boats = 30% discount each. 5 boat minimum.

Discount Terms – Discounts are only available to recreational, non-commercial use slip holders.  Discounts may be cancelled for non-payment, late payment or when not paid in full by April 1, 2018.

Payment Schedule – Westrec Marinas NPM, LLC will not have a formal payment plan. Slip holders may make any form of payment that fits their needs and budget, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or payment in full.  Slip holders wishing to take advantage of early payment discount must pay in full by December 1, 2017.  All others must pay in full by April 1, 2018 to be eligible for and maintain current discounts.

Late Charges – For payments not submitted by the scheduled due date, a late charge of 3% of the amount due shall be assessed per month.  Any slip rental payment more than 60 days in arrears shall result in the boat being chained and locked with the possibility of lease termination. Collection / Boat Chaining fee may apply.

Other Fees and Charges – Other Fees and Charges will be published annually by Westrec Marinas NPM, LLC. Other Fees and Charges shall be posted in a public place or made available upon request.  Fees may be charged for such things as collection costs, damage to marina property, use of Marina facilities and other Marina services necessary to maintain the safety and operation of the Marina.

Rate Changes – Westrec Marinas NPM, LLC reserves the right to change rates.

* Rates do not include 1% Winthrop Harbor Tax


Slip Rates for 2018

30 Foot Slip$2,160 *
35 Foot Slip$2,675 *
40 Foot Slip$3,300 *
45 Foot Slip$3,710 *
50 Foot Slip$4,430 *
55 Foot Slip$4,945 *
60 Foot Slip$5,560 *
60+ End TieCall *

As always, our launch ramps are open 24/7
during the season.