Venetian Night Lite – August 1, 2020 – Scavenger Hunt

July 21, 2020

What is the North Point Marina Scavenger Hunt?

It’s an easy & fun game in which teams of 2 – 4 participants walking, boating, hiking, biking or driving around the marina, earn points by finding treasures, collecting stuff and taking pictures of their team doing the fun (and sometimes wacky) things that are listed on North Point Marina’s Scavenger Hunt List. There will be loads of great prizes PLUS! All the money raised will benefit Safe Harbor Humane Society.

Why teams?
Teammates increase your chances to earn points. Team members can help by solving clues that lead to hidden treasures, collecting stuff, and doing the funny things listed on the Scavenger Hunt List–all of which earn you points. The more points you get, the better your chances of winning great prizes.

What do you need? You will need
• Some fun friends
• A way to travel around the marina – feet, bike, boat or car
• A cell phone with a camera OR a way to take digital pictures during the day (we gotta see you having fun!)

How do you play?
• At noon on Saturday, August 1st you will pick up North
Point Marina’s official Scavenger Hunt List which will tell
you what to do. The list is divided between things your
team will need to collect and fun things your team will do.
Sometimes the list will tell you to take a picture of your
team doing fun things. You earn points for each thing you
collect and do and the more points you get the better your
chances to win great prizes!

You collect and do the stuff on the Scavenger Hunt List in ANY
ORDER you choose. Each team sets their own course with the
goal of getting the most points and having fun!

at event tent near H Dock @ North
Point Marina & Get your Scavenger Hunt List at Noon
North Point Marina Scavenger Hunt from 1 – 3
Prize & Award Ceremony at 3:30
Venetian Night Lite Party @ Harbor Brewing
Co. Lakefront Biergarten with Music by Lenny Bains Band
Food by Yacht Dawgs & Sweet Stop 6 – 9

What do you pay?
Registration & release form available at Marina Office
Pre-register at North Point Marina office and pay by Friday 7/31/2020 – $25 per team registration fee.
Day of event registration, Saturday 8/1/2020 – $35 per team.
Registration is limited so register early!
ALL Registration Fees raised will benefit Safe Harbor Humane Society.

So, who wins?
You are already a winner because you are at North Point Marina, on and near the water, with your friends and family. PLUS! There are tons of prizes for the Scavenger Hunt and lots of people will win prizes. Additionally, prizes will be awarded for:
 Team with the most points
 Team with the second most points
 Team with the most team spirit
 Winners in a variety of categories and by chance

With your participation, the animals at the shelter win, too. So why not do something good while doing something fun?

FREE Transient Dockage – Boaters and Visitors from neighboring marinas and harbors who register to participate may be eligible for free overnight dockage. See marina for details.

Marina Scavenger Hunt Rules & Regulations
• All boaters must wear personal flotation devices if required to do so by USCG & IL DNR Regulations
• Observe no wake zones throughout the marina
• Each participant must sign a waiver and release form. This release form states that, in consideration of being able to participate in this event, the participant will not hold the sponsors or hosts of North Point Marina’s Scavenger Hunt liable should they be harmed in any way during this event.
• The Scavenger Hunt is NOT A RACE. There may be others traveling throughout the marina who are not participating, so please be courteous and respect them. You are responsible for your own actions and those of your team members.
• No refunds will be given unless cancelled due to weather.
• Participants exhibiting unsafe or inappropriate behaviors will be disqualified.
• A temporary “ALL ACCESS” code will be created for participants to access docks, bath houses and parking lots throughout the marina during the event.
• You must be present at the Prize & Awards Ceremony at 3:30 pm to win any prizes that may be awarded.
• Ties will be decided by cutting a deck of cards. High card wins — aces high.

Scavenger Hunt Registration Form

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